Turn your aluminum cans into quick cash!

Don't throw your scrap metal away. Visit 1 of our recycling drop-off centers and start earning money today!

We buy all types of scrap metal. From aluminum cans to stainless steel, your scrap metal is worth something to us. Start recycling today!

Get your company involved in recycling. You can arrange for us to pickup scrap metal from your company. We provide drop off containers, car crushing, and demolition services. Call us for details.

Get cash to recycle your salvage cars

Don't let your salvage cars clutter your backyard. Earn some cash today.

Save landfill space - recycle your metal

Aluminum Iron
Aluminum cans Salvage Cars
Appliances Radiators
Batteries Stainless Steel
Brass Tin
Copper And more!

Get cash for your scrap metal. Visit us today at 137 Vail Acres Rd. Call 318-336-5276.

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Scrap Metal - Vidalia, LA - Concordia Metal Inc.	Concordia Metal Inc. - Scrap Metal - Vidalia, LA

Earn Cash!

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