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Concordia Metal is your source for earning quick cash for all your metal recyclables. Visit our convenient drop-off locations.

You'll discover that we buy all types of metal from copper and brass to aluminum cans. We also accept salvage cars and appliances. Help save the environment and earn some cash for yourself.

Recycle your household products

Use our convenient drop-off centers for all your household waste products including paper, plastic, metal, and electronics.Your efforts do make a difference! By recycling, you divert these products from landfills, and help lower manufacturing costs.

3 recycling drop-off sites for your convenience:

Learn more about recycling in our area.

Current News

1)Concordia Metal, Inc is a proud Corporate Sponsor of Natchez Green Alliance. The Natchez Green Alliance is a sub group of The Community Alliance, a 501(c)3 organization located in Natchez, MS. The Green Alliance is a grass roots community organization whose mission is to promote resource awareness and recycling enterprises in the area of Natchez, Mississippi and Vidalia, Louisiana. The Green Alliance has also been active in working with area schools on educating students on the importance and benefits of recycling and conducts ongoing outreach to the community on how and what to recycle locally. For these efforts to promote and increase recycling within Natchez, Adams County and the surrounding communities, the Natchez Green Alliance is the co-recipient of the 2014 Non-Profit Organization’s Recycler of the Year Award for the State of Mississippi.

Recycling Center - Vidalia, LA - Concordia Metal Inc.	2)Concordia Metal of Natchez was the recipient of the Business of the Month Award for the month of February 2015 from the Adams County Board of Supervisors.

3)Concordia Metal, Inc received the Business of the Year Award for 2013 from Concordia Parish Chamber of Commerce

4)Concordia Metal, Inc/Concordia Metal of Natchez/Cenla Recycling LLC received the Risk Control Award of Merit for 2012 and 2013 from Evolution

5)Concordia Metal, Inc/Concordia Metal of Natchez/Cenla Recycling LLC received the Risk Control Award of Excellence for 2014 from Evolution

Discover how easy recycling can be. Visit us at 137 Vail Acres Rd. Call 318-336-5276.

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Recycling Center - Vidalia, LA - Concordia Metal Inc.

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